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Help Us Shape Your Waving App Experience with Sports Widgets!

Hi there,


We're thrilled to announce our plans to introduce an advanced sports widget function to the Waving App. This innovative feature has been designed with a focus on adaptability, aiming to empower sports organisers and enthusiasts like yourself to manage events efficiently and seamlessly share the electrifying moments from your games.


We value your perspective and are keen to hear your thoughts to ensure this new addition aligns with your needs and desires. Therefore, we kindly invite you to participate in our brief survey, helping us make the Waving App even more attuned to your preferences and demands.


We greatly appreciate your time and commitment to enhancing the Waving App experience. Your support propels us forward in our ongoing quest to provide an optimal and enjoyable platform for all sports lovers.



The Waving Team

Kindly rate the following features on a scale of 1 to 5, where '1' denotes 'least important' and '5' indicates 'most important'.

Team Announcements
Event registration and management
Game Highlights
Standings and fixtures
Tips and technics
Private Messaging
Group chats
Sponsorship engagements
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